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Welcome to Sub Terra Energy Systems, your premier manufacturer of  direct expansion* geothermal heat pumps. In addition to manufacturing, we install and service our products.

*direct expansion:  freon filled copper tubing as the ground field

Free energy to heat your home. It’s beneath your feet. About four-feet under ground, temperatures are approximately 50-degrees. Even in the winter. The Sub Terra Energy System geothermal heat pump provides heat for only the cost of operating the compressor. No wonder the cost savings typically range between 30% and 70%. One Newberg, Oregon home owner reported an average cost for heating and air conditioning of $63.58 per month for his 5200 sf home.

Sub Terra Energy Systems manufactures direct expansion geothermal heat pumps and ground field systems. Direct expansion heat pumps extract heat directly from the ground through copper tubing filled with freon without going through an intermediate heat exchanger as used in water based systems.

Compare:The Sub Terra Energy direct expansion (DX) System is the most efficient and reliable system on the market:

  • No loss of efficiency through an intermediate heat exchanger
  • Copper tubing is superior to plastic tubing in conducting heat
  • More efficient disposal of heat for air conditioning
  • Freon is superior to water in transferring heat
  • Exclusive use of certain commercial components to increase performance and reliability
  • System installed through 4′x 4′ x 2′ deep pit, no disturbance of other surface areas, preserves your landscaping
  • Save money by eliminating the need for heavy drilling or excavation equipment

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